The Most Influential Block Chain Application Platform in the World



TransformersBlock Chain Digital Bank and Intelligent Block Chain Game Application Platform Based on Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence Technology Committed to building new Digital Banking and decentralized intelligent game platform with block chain + artificial intelligence technology, providing efficient and convenient digital asset services for digital asset enthusiasts, bringing more convenient and efficient development environment for game developers, and bringing more extreme game experience for players.

Vision:We will build a world-class application platform for decentralized block chains, and build a Transformers value network system that integrates decentralized game platform, digital Bank of block chains, real estate trading platform, cross-border e-commerce platform, AI intelligent financial management and decentralized trading platform.


Application scenario

Block Chain Digital Bank

Transformers Block Chain Digital Bank is a virtual bank focusing on digital money related digital finance business. Based on advanced block chain technology, it has the advantages of congenital global integration. It is the world's top digital money bank. Transformers Block Chain Digital Bank builds a global digital money center, builds a sound and stable digital money financial ecosystem in the new financial era of Block Chain, and provides users with production management services.

Decentralized Game Application Platform

The innovative application of block chain technology to game platform has created a world-class de-centralized game application platform. Platform not only allows players to display their intellectual skills, but also supports competitive games such as PvP games and global championships. And let players earn encrypted digital assets thr ough games, participate in competitions and participate in project management.

Decentralized Block Chain Wallet

Transformers is a decentralized digital currency wallet with bank-level SSL secure connections. Transformers wallet is characterized by its support for various mainstream and niche tokens such as Bitcoin and ETF, known as full currency management. (For example, ETC, BTC, EOS, DGD, etc.). Unified management of multiple wallets and currencies. It greatly reduces the use threshold and management burden of digital currency. It effectively promotes the flexible application of digital assets.

C2C trading platform

Transformers C2C trading platform is based on Intelligent contract supervision, which assumes the responsibility of supervision and management. Responsible for the supervision and management of the integrity of the buyers and sellers, the monitoring of trading behavior, to avoid the occurrence of fraud and other acts to the greatest extent. Safeguard the rights and interests of buyers and sellers to ensure safe

DAPP mall

Transformers DAPP shopping mall to create a perfect integration of consumer shopping and block chain technology first platform, so that the advantages of block chain technology, to serve the actual transaction scenario of consumer shopping, to help consumers realize the dream of value-added shopping. Through the block chain mall platform, the leading trend of block chain technology can help the real enterprises to rapidly improve product sales, while also allowing consumers to obtain the greatest benefits in shopping.

Real Estate Trading Platform

Real estate trading platform is the exclusive real estate asset trading platform of Transformers. Collaborative businesses can register in the block chain through this platform, and publish their own property information such as housing and real estate for the whole society. And the assets issued are managed. The traceability verification of assets is realized by this platform. Compared with purchasing assets from traditional channels, Real estate trading platform uses intelligent contract standardization and de-intermediation to ensure sales quality, traceable assets, and more favorable prices.


Technical framework

Data Layer

In addition to the standard block chain structure, Merkle tree, hash function, asymmetric encryption, elliptic algorithm and timestamp technology, members'representatives are also introduced in the data layer. Recording, Dynamic Priority Computing, Fibolacci Sequence Computing, Cryptographic Signature Evidence, etc. The data layer innovates the block creation transaction model, and at the same time according to the creditworthiness of the accounting committee. According to the principle of performance priority, a fast inquiry method for the election records of Accounting Committee members is adopted.

Network layer

The network layer adopts P2P networking mode, and the P2P network transmits data through broadcasting. For the network layer, each node is required to notify other nodes of their active state. Other network units Monitor the production status of new blocks, and in the event of cycle overtime anomaly, other nodes will immediately take over the execution of accounting power. This will ensure the validity of transaction bookkeeping and at the same time enable Effective enough to avoid purposeful attacks.

Consensus layer

Consensus layer adopts DPoS election mode. DPoS principle is to encourage long-term accounting and balance the use of rights and interests. The exponent of contribution is non-linear. Encouraging long-term bookkeeping, the contribution balance factor is dynamic and non-linear. The longer the bookkeeping cycle, the more the number of bookkeeping, the greater the possibility of re-booking. At the same time for Guarantee the possibility of other accounting nodes, balance the long-term advantages, contribution value will produce a natural recession.

Incentive layer

For the reward of the accounting node, the usual way is to get the asset income directly (that is, to get the currency reward). This is directly effective, but direct rewards do not last. Sex. Therefore, WPC incentive accounting node adds a contribution incentive besides the direct asset income incentive. And the contribution incentive for bookkeeping will become one for re-booking. Rights and interests basis.

Contract level

The contract layer is mainly a paradigm that provides directional functionality to the application layer. Directional functional paradigms can be divided into different functional paradigms according to their different functional forms. Functional paradigm At the beginning of the agreement, the possibility of backward expansion is considered, that is, enough flexibility. Elastic design can be determined by deterministic type and functional type. At the same time, the load interval can be used. The extended region option exists within the paradigm.

Application layer

The application layer provides RPC functions of functional paradigms to facilitate users to generate asset operations through the use of functional paradigms. Complete the conventions and enablements of functional paradigms through simple interface functions Use. In most cases, developers of commercial applications do not need to understand the underlying implementation logic and process, but only need to customize the functional paradigm rules to achieve flexibility and diversity. Commercial application requirements.


Implementation plan

Main Side Chain Parallel Technology

Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Combination

Intelligent Asset Management

Intelligent Contracts and Distributed Accounting

Bifurcated network

Value swap agreement


Consultant team

Drossos Alafogiannis

Greeks, economists, have many years of financial and trade experience, founded a number of companies, has a wide influence in Europe. Responsible for Transformers strategic planning and business architecture, docking with international game platforms and financial institutions.

André Hammen

Graduated from the University of Frankfurt with a Ph.D. Former CEO of Hypergrowth Consulting and MANDILL MEDIA, Provide top-level architecture and resource docking for multiple enterprise funds. Mainly responsible for Transformers business system design and resource docking, design Transformers marketing program.


Block chain technology developers are good at building languages and frameworks. Familiar with various consensus algorithms such as PoW, PoS, DPoS, PBFT, Paxos, Raft, etc. Has participated in the development of the ETF project. Provide the bottom structure of block chain and block chain technology support for Transformers.


During the University period, he became a network promotion of video game developers all over the UK, leading the team to develop an offline multiplayer game system. Has 20 years of Internet experience, good at Internet project market development. Has participated in EOS project promotion and Taicat project promotion. As Director of Global Marketing for Transformers


Transformers Platform Technical Consultant, engaged in the development of Internet network technology for many years, has participated in the development of public chains and platform technology in many block chains. With 20 years of software development experience, he is the technical architecture and chief engineer of Transformers.


Transformers, Director of Game and Application Technology, has worked for 10 years in major Internet game companies and Internet Technology Development Companies. With rich experience in game and APP development, he has participated in many mainstream public chains development since 2016 in the field of technology development of transition zone chains.