Malaysia Real Estate Group KT Lee Group, New Energy Game Company of New Zealand, Hazard Fund Management Company of the United States, Universal Block Chain Applied Research Institute and Anki Artificial Intelligence Company of the United States jointly set up US BLOCK CHAIN BANK FOUNDATION. The Foundation will practice democratic and transparent governance principles and promote the development, construction and development of Transformers platform by formulating a good governance structure. To manage the related matters of open source community projects and promote the stable and healthy development of open source community.

Malaysia Real Estate Group KT Lee Group is the Strategy Side

KT Lee Group is one of the top ten architectural design companies in the world. Providing services to a wide range of local and overseas homeowners, it is famous for its high quality, outstanding value and exquisite design. We always emphasize on providing customers with the best pre-sale and after-sale service. Scope of Business: Design, Survey, Civil Construction, Real Estate Investment, Infrastructure Development, etc.

KT Lee Group's core businesses include the development of landed residential buildings, residential apartments and commercial store offices. KT Lee Group provides services to a wide range of local and overseas homeowners. And it is famous for its high quality, outstanding value and exquisite design, so as to obtain a higher than average return on investment. This is a dynamic, forward-looking company with a good reputation. And many high-quality houses have been built. Residential development is known for its quality, design and high-level energy-saving systems, so customers can enjoy a better lifestyle. KT Lee Group adopts a local architectural development mentality. It is allowed to take architectural form and adopt a design-oriented approach to the external environment. This enables the group to provide higher quality customized housing for its buyers, which highlights the differences between other developers. KT Lee Group has become an outstanding housing builder in Malacca, Furong, Dongjia, Gualapila and Makou. These are all through the search for the most ideal land development, with a lasting design mood. And in all development projects to use high-quality products to create high-value real estate. These principles continue to this day.

The completed projects are:

Taman Duyong Permai,Malacca (total development value 10.5 million ringgit)

Taman Paya Emas,Malacca (total development value is 2.1 million ringgit)

Taman Krubong Perdana,Malacca (total development value 243 million ringgit)

Taman Paya Rumput Perdana,Malacca (total development value is 638 million ringgit)

Taman Vista Kirana, Malacca (total development value 317 million ringgit)

Taman Cenderawasih,Furong (total development value is 90 million ringgit)

Strait Garden,Kota Laksamana, Malacca (with a total development value of 250 million ringgit)

Taman Senawang Perdana, Furong (total development value 413.7 million ringgit)

Now the construction projects are:

Taman Bukit Senawang Perdana, Furong (total development value is 741.9 million ringgit)

Tung Jia business park and Bandar Baru Serom(The total development value is 76 million ringgit)

Taman Merbau Perdana, Teriang(The total development value is 143.9 million ringgit)

New Energy Game Company of New Zealand is responsible for the guidance and development of game planning

New Energy Game Company of New Zealand was founded in Wellington, New Zealand, in March 2011. It is a self-developed and operational game company with the vision of creating the most popular and world-class game products. Business Scope: Engaged in technology development, technology transfer, technology consultation, technology services, game development, sales, software development and sales in the field of software, network and computer science and technology. Since its inception, it has brought together a group of excellent teams with rich experience and launched a number of games, including World 1, World 2, Galactic Predator and World 3. It has won many awards in the fields of popularity, creation, creativity, vision and R&D, and is well loved by players and well received by the market. After the launch of the first product World 1 in 2011, it became the first mobile game in the Asia-Pacific region with a monthly revenue of over 10 million yuan. World 2 was showcased in 2014 with its innovative play and globalized style. After the game went online, it became popular all over the world and dominated the payment list of major application stores for several months.

Hazard Fund Management Company of the United States is responsible for investment and financing management and quantitative transaction management

Hazard Fund Management Company, founded in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in July 2015, is a company focused on financial transactions involving stocks, futures, foreign exchange, gold, digital assets, etc. Advocate happy investment, happy life, so that life is wonderful because of trading, but do not let trading become a burden of life. Hazard Fund Management Company in the United States is mainly engaged in investment management, asset management, investment consulting, project investment, economic and trade consulting and other business.

Global Block Chain Applied Research Institute provides Block Chain Technical Support and Executive Consultant to Transformers

The Global Block Chain Applied Research Institute (GBCRI) was born in Santiago, USA, in June 2015. It focuses on delivering and deploying integrated block chain technology solutions to help block chains achieve full digitization. Direct cooperation with government ministries, local enterprises and non-governmental organizations to deploy block chain technology to help them better serve the community.

The Research Institute devotes itself to the research and development of the application of block chain information technology. It has laid the foundation and development of the Research Institute for the export of technological development and industrial upgrading strength of various countries. The application and promotion of digital economy. The Research Institute will also help enterprises and governments achieve innovative development goals in the fields of digital assets, trade finance and data security. In order to promote the industrial development of block chain, industrial upgrading and strategic planning of industrial services.

Integration of AI and Block Chain Technology in Anki Artificial Intelligence Company

Anki Artificial Intelligence Company was born in March 2015 in Silicon Valley, USA. Now headquartered in San Francisco, it is a super intelligent robot company invested by Morgan. Anki flagship product Cozmo is known as one of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world so far due to its excellent emotional response. It has a variety of expressions, emotional language, and it can charge itself. Anki provides leading AI solutions and professional services worldwide, and is committed to creating maximum value for customers. Business Scope: Intelligent Robot, Intelligent Home, Intelligent Toys, Intelligent Electronic Products, Intelligent Control Technology and the Development and Sale of Peripheral Products; Development and Sale of Intelligent Application Software; Leasing of Intelligent Equipment and Technical Services.